Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Chapter 98: The Grand Orchestration

Psycho, John, and the five Cloaked Figures were sitting in the cavern listening to  the Pokemon Yohyah.
“First, I must be allowed to introduce myself, and who we are.” said the Main Cloaked Figure, as he removed his hood, revealing a curly-haired kid. “My real name is Boj “Bodge” Job.” he said. “And we are known as “The Mirth.” The messengers for the Grand Pokemon God.” Bodge said.
“Who is this, “Grand Pokemon God?”” Psycho asked.
“I cannot say myself.” Bodge answered.
“Psycho, my friend, There is much to discuss, I know much!” Yohyah said.
“Go on, please, Yohyah.” John said.
“Indeed.....” Yohyah said.

In the beginning, the Grand Pokemon God wanted a world of her creations. A world where young children competed in a friendly way with their own animal friends. Thus, she created Pokemon. She was pleased with her work. It was all perfect. Keep in mind, however, that actual-non Pokemon animals never became excluded from the world. Though not as common as Pokemon, actual animals continue to exist. This includes cryptic animals such as myself, when I was a Yahoe. The Grand Pokemon God created me to watch over the world. I was created to NOT be a Pokemon at all, until my evolution into Yohyah when the time had needed to come. Because of that, I could never be captured into a Poke Ball. All was well in the new World of Pokemon for several years. Until something tragic, and drastic happened. Humankind were not satisfied with the Grand Pokemon God’s creation. During an expedition to the Far Southern Continent, archaeologists from Team Rocket uncovered fossilized Mew remains, with plans to duplicate its DNA. Mew was among the Grand Pokemon God’s first born. To clone and modify a creation of the Grand Pokemon God. What blasphemy! They instantly paid for their sins. A virus got into their cloning machines, Human-Type Pokemon were created. I hate to put it this way, but the creation of the Human-Type Pokemon was the start of the downward spiral. There were Human-Type Pokemon for every Pokemon type. Human/Dark Pokemon had the power to distort different dimensions. Characters from other stories were able to invade the Pokemon World, causing their own havoc, killing other trainers Pokemon, burning down hotels, it took only 8 months for the Pokemon World to fall apart. The Mirth had done all they could to hinder it, until an evil power emerged. His name was Jason. He began his journey as a Pokemon Trainer mysteriously. He went around with a hood and a Ponyta, and to hide his identity, he never used the Ponyta without the hood. There was another Pokemon Trainer by the name of Andy. Shortly after the creation of the Human-Type Pokemon, Andy made the first discovery, and captured it. A Human/Fighting Pokemon named Ninja. Jason learned of this and formed an alliance with Andy for the power. Together, they invaded the newly renamed “Celadon Rocket Casino” to discover more Secrets, possibly held by Team Rocket. It was there that Jason learned of the Legendary Bird Pokemon, Articuno, Zapdos & Moltres. He also learned of a Genetic Experiment known as “Operation I.S.O.”, which just turned out to be the Clone of Mew, the unneeded experiment that started to destroy the Pokemon World. Quickly upon discovering its existence, Jason acquired the Legendary Pokemon Zapdos, and then started to lay low, keeping many Secrets to himself. When Jason reappeared on the scene, he had revealed to have held extraordinary Psychic Power, as well as two more Legendary Pokemon, including the Clone that started it all, Mewtwo. Angry at the world for his own reasons, Mewtwo lured several Pokemon Trainers to a castle he constructed on New Island. Mewtwo had intended to initiate a revenge scheme, and had wanted to kill all of the Pokemon Trainers and their Pokemon. Unfortunately, nobody actually knew what Mewtwo’s problem was as all information regarding Operation I.S.O. were wiped. A certain Pokemon Trainer had found a way to thwart Mewtwo, however, and all concerning Pokemon Trainers escaped, believing Mewtwo had been killed. This was not the case. Jason was at New Island in Secret, and captured Mewtwo with a Master Ball at the last minute, before the castle collapsed. Eventually, Jason returned to face his contemporaries, wielding unbelievably new powers, possessing mysterious Secret Pokemon, and he had eventually captured all four Official Legendaries. He was not satisfied with just that, however, no siree. Jason discovered another Secret, that Team Rocket was developing two more Mew clones, further damaging the Grand Pokemon God’s vision. Jason wanted the new clones, Mewthree and Mewfour for himself, granting him new almighty powers. Thankfully, Mewthree and Mewfour had been released into the wild, eventually captured by worthy Pokemon Trainers. Still, Jason had continued to be Orchestrating something behind the scenes. He had vanished for some time after the destruction of the Rocket Casino. Where was he all this time? Why does he possess an airship? Jason truly has many, many, many Secrets he has found and kept to himself...

Yohyah had finished his story.
“What a gripping story.” John said. “We actually did meet this Jason character, didn’t we?”
“Yes, he kidnapped us, after we discovered the Secret that he had made an alliance with Lt. Surge, the Gym Leader of Vermillion City.” Psycho said.
“Correct, I know much because I had even been spying on him, thanks to powers bestowed to me.” Yohyah said.
“We were wrong for smiting you.” Bodge said to Psycho. “It seems that the Grand Pokemon God has prepared. We knew the Yohyah was coming, but we did not know of its message.”
“Look, its alright. Us Human-Type Pokemon are Human too. We know all about emotions.” Psycho said.
“Boj Job! Boj Job!” said another Cloaked figure running into the chamber.
“A!?” What is it?”
“They’re here.” A said. “Team Rocket, has reached the shores of Lubbers Island!”
“Oh no!” Bodge said. “It is time. The War is on.”
“Call the hostage!” said one of the Mirth Members.
“Aooo!” howled a 10 year old child, decked out in Indian War Paint and holding a spear. He had no clothes on except a skirt to hide is underside. He had a Bulbasaur companion that didn’t seem to understand its situation.
“Hey, what is this?” asked John.
“Oh, guess we better explain.” Bodge said. “The World of Pokemon really has gotten so screwed up you can’t even have trainers leave Pallet Town without a crazy lust for Secrets. Jamie, this character here, entered someone’s 3 story house and eventually found himself jumping out of the top window. What stupidity. I just had to rescue him before he got into any more trouble.”
“This War against Team Rocket could be great!” Psycho said as he transformed his arms into cannons. “Do not worry about me getting captured, John did capture me in a Poke Ball, I just choose not to be in it.”
“All Pokemon, go!” John said, tossing his four Poke Balls.
“Mankey!” said John’s Mankey.
“Geodude!” said John’s Geodude.
“Slowpoke!” said John’s Slowpoke.
“Charmeleon!” said John’s Charmeleon.
“Okay everyone, we’re gonna need some new moves!” John said, taking out a few Random TM’s and breaking them each onto a Pokemon, after writing out an attack on each label. “Okay! I’m ready!” John said.
“Alright then, we must battle! For the Grand Pokemon God!” Bodge said, leading the way back out into the Full Moon Night. Yohyah sat there smiling.
“Hmmm.” Yohyah said with a smile, as he de-evolved back into Yahoe, continuing to smile, and then he flapped his small wings hard, disappearing altogether.

“Yahoe! Yahoe. Yahoe...” The voice of Yahoe echoed through the cave.

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