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Chapter 110: The Return of Leggy & Datin

*Drip drip drip drip*

"Oooohhhhhh. MMMmmmmhhhmmm…" It was incredibly dark, no light shone through the airy, dark and dank chamber.
"John? Jooohhnn???" The voice of Psycho shouted and echoed, yet was quite close.
"I am here Psycho." John said. "I think I am tied up though. I can't move and can't stand up."
"Same here, I think something has happened to my powers, I can't transform." Psycho said. "If there was light, I could easily see what was going on. Can you release your Charmeleon? Its tail fire could light the place."
"I can't feel my Poke Balls, even though I can feel the belt where they are supposed to be. Crap!" John responded.
"Shit, what are we going to do?"
"Hmmmm, this isn't good." Psycho said. "I remember those women who attacked us! They are among the original Human-type Pokemon."
"They didn't seem to appear like Pokemon however, unlike you and a few others we've seen." John said.
"That's because they are Human/Normal." Psycho answered. "Let me tell you the history…."

The year was 1997, three years before now. The World of Pokemon had begun its transcended into localization. But the stakes became high. Technology we weren't experienced with appeared. Scientists began fruitless efforts among cloning. Viruses were discovered. Ways to create new Pokemon types. Myself, my brother Ninja, and a few other Human-Types were created by accident, yes. But our discovery was no accident. There were two men at the forefront of the localization. Mr A., and Mr. K. Mr. A and Mr. K were top executives in the worlds markets in late 1997, when the World of Pokemon had begun to reach them. Their underlings weren't experienced with newer technologies at the dawn of the late part of the decade, however. A terrible glitch named Missingno was discovered. With it, the power to harness………. anything it wants. Indeed, this is the essence of my own powers, but I still have not the power to manipulate others bodies. I don't even understand what caused us to switch bodies that one time… The Missingno had the incredible power to merge and hybrid with any idea, sorta similar to a Ditto but not only much more literal, but would create an exact replica of your desired human. Yes. Human. The year was 1997. Stupid Mr. A & Mr. K had decided to create bodyguards molded after the female characters of the hit of the year Austin Powers. Thus, during the final phases of the localization, the programming of Human-Type Pokemon was born, but kept in secret. Unfortunately, by 1999, about a year ago, science became more greedy, and under the naive assumption they now understood the ever growing technologies, they conducted more experiments. Dr. Fuji, a researcher from Lavender Town, and under the funding of Team Rocket, acquired the Missingno codes to attempt to clone the discovered Fossil of Mew. Fool man didn't understand what powers Missingno really held. The program went haywire the moment the Pokemon clone was born. The Pokemon was evil, and unbeknownst to him, we subsequently became into existence. Mew contains essences of every Pokemon, so we were all human bodied, and spoke common languages, but we had various powers depending on which type we were born with. About sixty of us were created, and very few of us have kept in contact. We are Pokemon, after all, and we were told to act like it, to enjoy it, but to try stay away from the regular Humans, but if they end up capturing you, so be it… Things got even stranger, though. A month before I met you, an incredible sense was felt by my Human-Type emotional instincts. That an evil stranger seeking great power was among us. In no time, he had suddenly grew to extreme powers. Then he vanished! But for a short time… Then you came to my mountain… John. Very soon after you took me away in the Helicopter, I felt the evil presence was back, but more powerful than ever, and had acquired 3 of the 4 Legendary Pokemon, including Mewtwo. And during that time, he was establishing this, wherever we are. Somehow, he did something to Mr. A and Mr. K to acquire the Stripper Human-Types….

"Hahaha, well, look!" A new voice suddenly echoed through the empty, dark hallway, and footsteps of several individuals were heard.
"Huh? I wonder who that could be?" Psycho said. 
"Why is it so dark guys?" a childish voice said. "Are there more secrets down here in the castle basement? What big, secret, super-awesome extremely powerful Pokemon lives here guys? Tell me!"
"Ugh, this kid really is beginning to get annoying." Another voice said.
"Well, they probably aren't aligned with Jason…" John said. "I think I recognize one of those voices…" A light then appeared, and into the room with the cells containing John and Psycho appeared a child, a generic rabbit, and a blue colored cross between a wolf and a tiger.
"Huh!" John said. "I cannot believe it. Its you!" John said, recognizing the child as Carl, the kid he met at Professor Oak's lab.
"What! John!" Carl screamed out. "I can't believe it! You found the secret first! No! You didn't catch the Secret Pokemon did you??" Carl asked.
John and Psycho exchanged glances worringly, and John said "Carl, maybe I think you should help us out. There is something big happening right now."
"We ought to do it Carl." The Wolf-Tiger said. "These guys could help us find the Secret Pokemon!"
"John, who are those things?" Psycho asked. "They seem incredibly out of place here."
"I don't know. They weren't with him when I last saw him. By God, that was just three weeks ago, wasn't it." John answered.
"Datin is right Carl!" the Rabbit said.
"Yeah, would Leggy and I lie to you?" Datin, the Wolf-Tiger said.
"You guys are right! We should!" Carl said.
"Alright then!" Leggy the Rabbit said. "Time for Super Kick!" Leggy shouted, as he slammed his big, thick, stocky, heavy leg into John's cell door, breaking it off.
"Time for Mega Bite!" Datin said. "ARRRGGGGHHHH!!" Datin growled, as he bit off the bars of Psycho's cell.
"Great, now I can see what is wrong with me!" Psycho said, he was simply tied up as John was, but he tried his powers, and successfully shrank his appendages off from the binding ropes. "Huh? Why couldn't I do it before? DId I simply need light? Odd. I've only been living for about 5 months or so, I haven't fully understood the extent of my Powers." Psycho said.
"Well, you're better now." John said. "Thank you Carl."
"Your Welcome!" Carl said, like a giddy kid. "Can you show me where the Secret Pokemon is! I have to have it!"
"Uh, I don't know why you are acting like this Carl, but there are a lot bigger, greater Secrets than just "A" Secret Pokemon." John said. "Carl, we have to find my Pokemon. Now that we are free, we have to explore this place. You said we are in a Castle?"
"We are in an incredible fortress that has been here, as a Big Secret, of the Pokemon World for a very long time." Datin said.
"It was said in the Lore that who were to claim this fortress as their turf would apprehend incredible Powers, but the catch was that the bearer himself must already be incredibly Powerful in his own right." Leggy said.
"Huh? What are you guys talking about?" Carl asked. "When I asked about this place, you said you did not know anything."
"That might be all we can say for now." Datin said. "But we are here to help. We believe you when you say there are bigger things happening. And the time is coming ever so close."
"What do you mean about, the time?" Psycho asked.
"Kid, you have NO idea." Datin said, with an upsetting look in his eyes. "But we are here to help, and the glory is with us. We are fighting on the good side. Soon you will know our true form."
"Right now, lets just find your Pokemon." Leggy said. "They are probably just in some random cupboard. Finding them is gonna be the easiest thing right now."
"Right…" Psycho said. "Man, I have so much I need to think about, and with so little… time…" Psycho said, as the group left the prison cell room…

"Can you tell me the status of our friends?" The leader's voice said.
"Yes Master." the familiar voice said. "Halfway already. We should not underestimate them Jason… my father." The voice of Mewtwo said, wearing his suited cape. His eyes were blank, had no emotion.
"They are going to pay. All of them." Jason said, bearing his familiar eternal angry look. A look he has held since the death of his beloved Rapidash. "They all thought they were becoming the cool kids, getting their things like Porygons, and an entire team of Gyarados, and having their sweet cars… They didn't know that from the start, I was manipulating them, and the Pokemon World. Things had turned in my incredible favor. I never should have returned after finding this place. That was when things began to fall apart." Jason looked on the monitors, focusing on the approaching group, focusing the most on Jake and Adam. "Those two…" Jason began again. "Have damaged me the most. All of my Secrets were somehow discovered by them. They knew. They found out how I became so Powerful, well before I acquired the immense Power I found at this castle. I was fooled. I really admit it. Adam really did know Sabrina before I met her. And Jake…" Jason reached into his pocket, and retrieved an object he held grasped in his hand. "I told him the biggest Secret of them all. And Adam somehow found out!"
"Master, I am sorry to interrupt your anger, but its time for your Stats Test." Mewtwo said. "You can finish afterwards."
"Jake told me he didn't tell Adam. Thats Bull. He TOLD him!" Jason said. "Very well then, Mewtwo, proceed."
The scanners processed Jason's body, and revealed the results on the monitors.

Fighters Promise - 6
Psychic Ability - 9
Awareness - 6
Endurance - 2

"Jake even had his own, stupid, Secrets. It turned out he too was born with the highest Psychic Ability score you could get. I did not know that! I would have manipulated him a long time ago. Then one day he comes bragging to me about how he got to the Southern Islands. Just because I was finding so many Secrets, and acquiring so much Power, why did all of them want to come up to me and brag about what they were finding? Jake's stupid Porygon and Pikablu. Thinking he was so cool by saying "Go Porygon!" I don't know how he got it, but he sure as hell did not pay 9,999 Casino Tokens for it. I even destroyed the Casino… And Adam… when I returned to the Main Pokemon World, I quickly ran into him. I shouldn't have shown him the Secret Fossil Pokemon… I shouldn't have been so open that I was capturing all of the Legendary Birds… Mewtwo. Deploy them. They are to stop Jake." Jason finished.

Jake, Adam, Matthew, Brian and Marble were traversing, Jake was leading them riding atop his Arcanine. "Hey guys… Prepare." Jake said.
"Huh?" Adam asked.

"Guys, Jason is attacking!" Jake pointed, pointing out at the coming three Legendary Birds, Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Chapter 109: The Start of the Grand Finish

"No… No…. Jason… What have you done to my Squirtle? Yeah yeah. That Human-Type Pokemon is mine, I captured it. Wait, Jason, NO!!!"
"AAAABBRAAA!" said Andy the Abra, waking up in shock from his nightmare, quickly forgetting the whole thing. "… Abra." said Andy. Andy was sitting inside of a tent, and it was daylight outside. Andy unzipped the tent and went out. The camp was near a cliff, close to a waterfall and a stream. Accompanying Andy was Jake, Adam, Matthew, Brian, and Marble. All of them had been Pokemon Trainers from Kanto, including Andy, leaving close to the same time, receiving random Pokemon from Professor Oak.
"Hey, Andy. You're awake." Said Adam.
"Well guys, we've rested up for a full 36 hours. We're going to have to start this sometime eventually." said Jake, who was wearing a leather jacket. Jake pointed his finger towards a conspicuous fortress way off in the distant valley. "That right there, is Jason's base." Jake said. The six Pokemon trainers were going after Jason. Within a short amount of time, Jason became immensely powerful in complete mysterious ways. This had made Jason mad, insane with Power, as he acquired all four of the Official Legendary Pokemon, including Mewtwo. In addition, Jason had clearly been keeping many Secrets from his fellow Pokemon Trainers.
"Jason's base looks pretty far away." Adam said.
"Thats why I asked everyone to bring a Pokemon they could mount." Jake said.
"It's alright Jake, some of us just didn't get a Pokemon we could actually ride." Matthew said. "But we built up our bodies and trained our Pokemon like you asked us to."
"Yeah, we're ready to fight Jason now." Brian said.
"Listen guys, I have five Gyarados's." Marble said. "Plus a Dragonair, and my own Articuno, I think we're gonna be alright."
"If you're willing to take the long journey on your feet, thats up to you." Jake said. "As for me, I'm riding something." He said, taking out a Poke Ball.


"ARR-Canine!" said Jake's Arcanine.
"Whoa! Where did you get an Arcanine?" Adam asked.
"Well, I already had a Growlithe." Jake answered. "I just put it into the PC for awhile. All you need to do to evolve it is use a Fire Stone on it."
"Right." Brian said.
"Well guys." Jake said, climbing onto his Arcanine. "We've got to get going. Jason may already know we're here. He's preparing."
"I agree. Marble, can you get Andy?" Adam said to Marble.
"Okay Andy, for now we're putting you into the Poke Ball. You're too weak a Pokemon for the dangers that lie ahead…" Marble said to the Abra, recalling it into the Poke Ball.
"Abra…" Andy said, going into the Poke Ball.
"Alright everyone, lets go." Jake said, as his Arcanine then led the way…

Way out in the ever-expanding Southern Seas of Kanto was a Helicopter, constantly never-ending flying towards the South, persistent to find out what's out there. Curiously, sticking out the helicopter door was a tube that was going into the fuel tank. Inside the Helicopter was John and Psycho, and John's Charmeleon, which was using its power to fuel the helicopter endlessly. "Ha Ha, good work Charmeleon." John said.
"Charmeleon Charmeleon!" Charmeleon said.
"Eventually we're going to reach what I think they call the Far Southern Continent." Psycho said. "Around the time all us Human-Type Pokemon were growing up, we discussed a lot about it. Some say its nothing but dark jungles."
"Hey, what exactly do you mean, when you Human-Type Pokemon were growing up?" John asked.
"Though we've only been existing for about a year or more, a fraction of that time involved us rapidly aging to our respective ages." Psycho explained.
"Ah, hey look on the horizon! I see land!" John said, pointing out to the front vista.
"That must be it, the Island of Lubbers, the island we've been looking for!" Psycho said. The helicopter carrying John & Psycho continued its flight towards the Island of Lubbers.

On a monitor played footage of the Helicopter carrying John & Psycho. "Ah, hey look on the horizon! I see land!" John said, pointing out to the front vista.
"That must be it, the Island of Lubbers, the island we've been looking for!" Psycho said.
"It's them." said the voice watching the monitor. "I must capture them. They are partly the cause of all of this… and that Human-Type's powers would make me unstoppable." said the Hooded figure. "They will be landing on the Island of Lubbers, I know just who to send." said the Hooded Figure, and he blew his fingers like a whistle. Three figures appeared from above, sliding down ropes. "And as for all the others, I will monitor them for now, but there's no telling what they may still encounter on the Far Southern Continent."

Jake, and the rest were trekking through a dense jungle. Little did they know, from behind some tall boulders, someone was waiting to ambush them. Except, he simply appeared and made himself the business, showing his familiar grin. "Oh no, not you!" Jake said to the person, who responded with his usual grin. "I still remember what happened the last time I battled you Chris."
"Yeah, that's right, you lost!" Chris said, grinning away.
"Look, we are in the middle of something very important right now. Please go away." Jake said.
"But you need to battle me so you can win the Land of the Dead Badge. You can't become a Pokemon Master without the Land of the Dead Badge." Chris said.
"Didn't' your friends say they were carrying you back to Grim Fandango?" Jake asked.
"Yeah, they made it back, but they didn't realize they dropped my body, which you shot!" Chris said, grinning and staring intently at Jake.
"Listen, you cheat at Pokemon Battles!" Marble intervened.
"You know something? I don't even like Pokemon!" Chris said. "I go around mercilessly killing them with my friends. I hate them! Tell Japan to take their "Bulbachu's" and "Pikasaur's" elsewhere."
"If you hate Pokemon so much, why do you have some of your own?" Adam asked.
"You even have a Jigglypuff, which is an official Pokemon and all!" Marble said.
"Look kids, you're never going to become a Pokemon Master without the Land of the Dead Badge." Chris said.
"I DON'T WANT TO BE A POKEMON MASTER!" Jake screamed as he took out a Poke Ball. "Go Porygon 2!"
"Pooory!" said Porygon 2.
"Porygon 2, we have to get rid of Chris! Use Psybeam on him!" Jake commanded.
"Pooorygon!" said Porygon 2, launching the psychedelic beam to Chris. The beam completely deflected off of Chris.
"Ha ha ha ha!" Chris laughed. "Have I got a Secret to tell you! I was a Human-Type Pokemon all along!"
"What!?" Jake said.
"Human-type?" Matthew said, as he and the other trainers seemed confused at the concept.
"How can that be!? You have Pokemon of your own!" Jake stated back to Chris.
"Haha. I am Human/Dark. And it was I who was responsible for bringing about the darkness that had been unleashed upon the world of Pokemon!" Chris said, smiling and laughing. "See, I was granted the power to bend Universes, that was how I recruited those characters from Grim Fandango."
"This is complete madness. And THIS is what Science truly brings? I must find a way to kill you now!" Jake said, taking out two Poke Balls. "Go Beedrill and Scizor!"
"Spear!" said Beedrill.
"Scizor!" said Scizor.
"Hahaha. Silly kids, you can't defeat me. You will get the Land of the Dead badge if you do, and no Pokemon Trainer would ever want the Land of the Dead badge!" Chris said.
"Stop repeating yourself and fight!" Jake said.
"Oh fine, look I'm not here to fight." Chris said. "But, I had to come to warn you that Jason knows you guys are here."
"I am not the least bit surprised." Jake said. "He has accumulated so much Power, why wouldn't he?"
"And in addition to myself, he has a lot of strong Pokemon, including all four Official Kanto Legendaries and… some more Human-Type Pokemon, the most powerful in existence!" Chris said.
"The strongest Human-Types?" Jake asked.
"Jake, what are Human-Type Pokemon?" Matthew asked.
"I will tell you guys later." Jake said.
"Okay I will go. But just know Jason isn't gonna go down easy." Chris said, as his body evaporated into the air somehow. "So loooong" he said, as his voice reverberated away…

It was now nighttime. Out on the top of a flat on the cliff was the Helicopter John & Psycho had used. They had set up camp and a fire and were preparing themselves. "Hmmm, I'm so bored." Psycho said.
"So am I." John responded, there really was nothing much for them to do at the time. "Hahaha. I have an idea, I gave my Slowpoke this new Random TM when we were back on Lubbers Island." John said, taking out his Poke Ball. "Go Slowpoke!"
"Slowpoke!" said Slowpoke.
"Alright Slowpoke, use Transform into a Hot Tub!" John commanded.
"Slowpoke!" said Slowpoke, and its whole body transformed into a Hot Tub, with Slowpoke's face at the top in the back. "Slowpoke!"
"Whoa! Alright!" Psycho said, as he jumped right into the Hot Tub.
"Ahahaha." John said. "I still have a bottle of vodka too!" 

Ten Minutes passes…

From out of the darkness of the night, a figure appeared to John and Psycho, continuously approaching them moving closer and closer to the Hot Tub, until the figure entered it without consent. It was a Woman, a brunette woman, and she was completely naked. Psycho and John looked at each other with puzzled looks of amazement. "Uh, can we help you?" John said to the woman.
"This is our Hot Tub. You can't just jump right into it without permission!" Psycho said. The woman just looked up to them and did not say a word. "Huh? Uhhh…" Psycho said, sensing something coming from this woman.
"Pssshhh hahahaha!" The woman started to laugh. "You're too late!" she said, as she quickly shot herself out of the Hot Tub into the air.


"Slowpoke! Slowpoke!" said the Slowpoke Hot Tub, as its body abruptly transformed back to normal, and John, Psycho and Slowpoke had become trapped in a net that had somehow been placed under them, the three were now trapped overhead in a net sack hanging from a tree.
"What! Oh no!" John said, as he and Psycho looked down on the ground, to see the Woman now had on her clothes made from Brown Leather.
"I knew it! Its.. its.. them!" Psycho said, as two more Women appeared. The first was a Black-haired woman dressed in a Russian Cossack get-up with the hat. The second was a Blonde dressed in an outfit themed after the American flag. "They are… the very first Human-Type Pokemon created!" Psycho said, as he transformed his hand into a Poke Dex.

Alotta Vagina

Ivanna Humpalot

Felicity Shagwell

A trio of female Human-Type Pokemon, they were the first to be born and had been modeled off characters from the Austin Powers movies. Reportedly, they posses the power to stop Pokemon completely in their tracks using their feminine charms.

"What!" John said. "We're in trouble!"
"No we are not, don't worry, I am Human-Type as well." Psycho said. "And I can transform my body into anything!" Psycho said, as he transformed his arms into knives, cutting apart the net and releasing himself with John and his Slowpoke.
"We gotta try do something about them now!" John spoke up. "Slowpoke, use Disintegration Beam!" John commanded.
"Yes! Good idea!" Psycho said.
"Sloooooow!" said Slowpoke, as it shot out from its eyes the Disintegration Beam, aiming for Alotta. The beam did hit Alotta, but it had absolutely no affect.
"Haha." The three girls laughed.
"What happened!? Somehow it didn't work!" Psycho said.
"Guess I'll have to try something else, go Geodude!" John said, sending out Geodude.
"Geodude!" said John's Geodude.
"Try punch them Geodude!" John commanded.
"Geo!" Geodude said, floating to the trio fisting the air.
"Looks like Felicity is up!" said Felicity Shagwell, as she stepped forward and grabbed a hold of Geodude. "Now, its time to use Shag!" Felicity commanded to herself, and she then Shagged Geodude.
"AUGH! EW!" John said. "This is not what a Pokemon Battle is, return Geodude!" John said, recalling Geodude. "I know just how to stop you! Go Mankey!"
"Mankey!!" Said John's Mankey, with its fists in the air, rearing to go.
"Hahaha." Said Alotta Vagina, as she stepped forward.
"Mankey, use Dragon Rage!" John commanded.
"MMMMMMMmmmmmmAAAAAAAAAAAA" Mankey screamed as its eyes turned cobalt blue and angry, swinging its fists into the air and launching itself with pure rage at Alotta.
"Hahaha. You mean you WOULD hit a woman?" Alotta asked to Mankey, as her outfit transformed off revealing her breasts. "Now, take this! Milk Squirt!" Alotta commanded to herself, as she grabbed and squeezed her nipple. A stream of white liquid shot out of Alotta and straight onto the outraged Mankey, who had suddenly stopped moving and seemed to have a more of a horny look in its eyes. Mankey had then started to blush heavily.
"Man man… Maaaankey!" Mankey said, and it rushed off to hang around behind a bush, away from everyone's sight for a few minutes.
"Mankey! Get back here!" John attempted to command to his Mankey, who would not come from behind the bush. "What kind of madness is this? These creatures really are Pokemon?" John asked to Psycho.
"I am afraid they are." Psycho said. "Just as I am one too, these are the results of the horrible experiments science has brought us. Legend has it that the Glitches that infected the cloning systems had the power to force any Pokemon to learn any Move. That foolish Professor Fuji, attempting to clone his daughter, it was his fault the Human DNA had become mixed with the DNA of Mew, the only Pokemon that can learn every single Move." Psycho rambled. "Because of this, the power of the Human-Type Pokemon was endless. Just as I can transform my body into absolutely anything, so can these three Human-Types have the power to greatly arouse any Pokemon with their feminine charms."
"It must work on the Pokemon because they are Pokemon too. Not Human-Human." John said, pulling out his last Poke Ball. "Well, at least I've been preparing. They will never survive this, go Charmeleon!"
"Charmeleon!" said John's Charmeleon.
"Haha. Vyou vreally sink vyou caan stopp me?" said Ivanna Humpalot, stepping forward.
"Charmeleon, use Super Fire Blast!" John commanded.
"Chaaaaaar!" Charmeleon said with an angry look in its flaming eyes. Charmeleon then shot out its Super Fire Blast towards Ivanna. Ivanna stood there, ready to take the flames with a smile. The instant the flames made contact with the Human-Type, the flames had completely vanished. Not even smoke lingered.
"What? Nothing we do seems to be harming them!" John said with great concern. "What do we do now?" he asked to Psycho.
"I… I do not know…" Psycho said. At that moment, Alotta, Ivanna & Felicity had walked point-blank to John and Psycho. "Alright everyone, use Titty Show!" Alotta commanded to herself, and her cohorts. Simultaneously, the three Human-Types grabbed their tops, and revealed their bare chests to John & Psycho.
"Oh… man!" John said, flabbergasted in his tracks.
"Ma… Momma!" Psycho said, completely enamored.
"Hahahaha. Vey are commpletely vrozen in their traacks." said Ivanna.
"Time to use Hair Wrap!" Felicity commanded to Ivanna.
"Hahaha." Ivanna laughed, as masses of hair had started to shoot out from some area of her body. The hair binded John and Psycho, eventually causing them to collapse unconscious.
"Time to collect them, and bring them to our master." Alotta said.

John and Psycho had become captured by the three Human-Type Pokemon, and had been carried away off to a fortress in the distance…

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Is the fan fic returning?

I've made a slight return to the Pokemon community to stir up the fact that I have returned to planning and writing what will probably be less than 10 final chapters of my fan fic. My big thing right now is wanting to find a new place to host the fan fic and gradually release each chapter on that new medium, while proofreading and attempting to fix errors (I really need to see Mewtwo Strikes Back so I can rewrite my version better).

So I have one Chapter fully written, but a lot happens in it, so its a big one.

Another thing I need to do is find a host that will be willing for me to have this allowed to be as R-Rated as possible. This was my story and the themes I used were present to show just how messed up the Pokemon world could be. I do hope I didn't make myself look like the real villain doing this, in fact its just a side effect of the whole story. My heroes know about it, and know Jason is the cause of it, but Jason doesn't necessarily know this. Really, this whole story is based on a big conflict that happened within the real world. We all had our Pokemon and stats written on a character sheet and we played an RPG, but some got too powerful…

This whole thing was meant to be my way of closing it off, to write it the way I always pictured it to end if the big fight didn't happen.

Well, the story is gonna get REAL R-Rated starting with the next chapter. Some new characters are going to be introduced, but these will really take the fucked up scale to a new level. You'll be begging to know why these guys are in the Pokemon world.

~ Cheers

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Chapter 5 Analysis & Commentary

Deep, within the Viridian Forest, Jake has come across a wild Pikachu. “Pikachu’s are very popular Pokemon, I think I will catch it!” said Jake.


Wild Pikachu appeared!

Go Kakuna!

Kakuna used Poison Sting! Pikachu takes damage of 4!

Pikachu used Thundershock! … No effect!

Textwalling, to no effect!

Electricity tried to crackle out of the Pikachu’s cheek pouches, but they just poofed out smoke. The Pikachu looked down, and started to cry profusely. It put its head against a tree crying. “Alright, here’s my chance to catch it!”

Jake threw the Pokeball!

The Pokeball shook repeatedly. After 5 shakes, the Pokeball stood stationary.

Alright! Pikachu has been caught!

Basically, the Pikachu attempted to use Thundershock, but it failed to do so. As the Pikachu started crying at its lack of confidence in itself, Jake takes the opportunity to capture it.

Jake released Pikachu to heal it, the Pokemon was still crying. “What’s wrong Pikachu?” Jake asked. “Something’s wrong with your electricity. Try use Thundershock!” Pikachu attempted to attack with electricity, but its cheeks just crackled, and poofed smoke. “Oh no…” sighed Jake. Suddenly, his Pokedex started to buzz.
“This Pikachu’s Thundershock, is faulty.” Said the Pokedex.
“Faulty?” asked Jake to himself. Pikachu started to cry profusely. It put its head in its palms, crying into them. “Don’t worry Pikachu, I’ll do anything I can to help." Jake continued on towards the end of the forest.

Jake discovers the problem, Thundershock is Faulty. Now, Jake has a real challenge now that he's caught his first captured Pokemon... What could he do with a Pikachu that can't use electric attacks? He chose not to give up, though.

“Hey! Jake!” it was Adam!


“Hey man! I’ve caught a lot of cool Pokemon, lets battle!”


Pokemon Trainer Adam wants to fight!

Pokemon Trainer Adam sent out Happy! (Metapod)

Go Pikachu!

Happy used Harden! Happy’s Defense rose!

This is good Pikachu. We can work on your attacks!

Pikachu used Thundershock! It had no effect.

Happy used Harden! Happy’s Defense rose!

Pikachu used Thundershock! It had no effect.

Happy used Harden! Happy’s Defense rose!

Pikachu used Growl! Happy’s Attack fell!

Happy used Harden! Happy’s Defense rose!

Pikachu used Thundershock! Happy takes damage of 10!

Happy faints!

Awesome Pikachu, you did it!

Pokemon Trainer Adam sent out Flarey! (Charmander)

Pikachu used Thundershock! It had no effect.

Pikachu started crying profusely!

Flarey used Growl! Pikachu’s Attack fell.

Pikachu is crying!

Flarey used Ember! Pikachu takes damage of 9.

Pikachu, return! Go Kakuna!

Kakuna used String Shot! Flarey is slowed. Takes damage of 2.

Flarey used Scratch! Kakuna takes damage of 5.

Kakuna used Poison Sting! Critical Hit! Flarey takes damage of 12.

Flarey fainted!

Jake wins the match!

“Hmm, dumb luck…”

Dumb, annoying, long text walling, existing only to remind us again that Jake's Pikachu can't attack properly.

“So, your Pikachu can’t attack with electricity? Weak, dude.” Said Adam.
“I don’t know what to do.” Answered Jake. “I’m gonna see if the Nurse Joy in Pewter City will know anything.”
“Well, good luck with that! I’m gonna battle Brock at the gym, and quickly move on. I can’t wait til I have my Charizard!”
“See you later Adam, don’t be so cocky.” Adam walked away. 

Adam sure seems full of himself, don't he? He got what came to him, and he needed to learn to better himself.

Jake released Pikachu, who was still sobbing tears. “Pikachu, everything is going to be okay! At least its possible to attack!” Pikachu ignored Jake. “Pewter City isn’t far! You’ll be alright soon!” Pikachu did not listen to Jake. “Pikachu, STOP CRYING!” Jake screamed, as he started to cry with his Pokemon.

Well, if you had a Pikachu that couldn't stop crying like that, you'd start to cry as well.

Chapter 4 Analysis & Commentary

Jake had started the trek through the Viridian Forest, unaware of the Pokemon he might find in. The forest looked like a maze, each tree looking almost alike.


Wild Caterpie Appeared!

Go Weedle!

Wild Caterpie used String Shot! Weedle’s Speed fell.

Weedle used Poison Sting! Wild Caterpie takes damage of 7!

Wild Caterpie used Tackle! Wild Caterpie missed!

Weedle used Poison Sting! Wild Caterpie takes damage of 6!

Wild Caterpie fainted!

Thinking I need to exposit about Pokemon getting experience points, here I bore you.

Jake did a little more training with Weedle, giving it a potion after every other battle to keep its stamina up. The sun was getting ready to set, and Jake needed to set up camp. Suddenly, a faint hum started to fill the air. “What is that?” asked Jake to himself, as he decided to check it out.

Oh wow, something abnormal is happening in the Pokemon Universe? Sound the alarms!

Around the corner, Jake came across a two-story house. “What is a house doing in the middle of Viridian Forest?” Jake asked himself. The hum got louder, and it started to sound as if it was coming from the second story. Jake entered the house; the table was set up for two, but nobody had apparently been cooking. “Hello?” Jake called out. Just as he had, the humming abruptly stopped.

Whoa! A Secret House in the Viridian Forest! Jake, is obviously pretty excited at this discovery.

Jake sneakily walked up the stairs and saw a figure, sitting down on the floor meditating. It looked like it may have been a Pokemon, it resembled a feline, but was large and had what looked like tubes of some sort going through its back. The humming returned, but very faintly, as if it was aware of its guest. Jake was frozen in terror. “What… are you?” Jake asked rhetorically but with fear, not expecting an answer. The humming again stopped, and the creature opened its eyes in anger. Jake screamed.

Well look who goes and establishes himself pretty early in the story. Even though I don't flat out state who this is, its obvious, right? While initially excited, something about this creature had frozen Jake in terror. Of course, the creature notices Jake's presence, and isn't pleased.


??? appeared!

Go Weedle!

??? idles!

Weedle used Poison Sting! ??? took damage of 2!

??? Screamed in pain!

More textwalling, but this part features an important plot point. Weedle used Poison Sting and it did make contact...

The house started to rumble, windows started to shatter, and the Mysterious Pokemon looked furious. “Weedle! Return!” shouted Jake using his Pokeball. Jake ran down the stairs as quick as can be and managed to escape the house just as it imploded. A purple streak quickly shot out of the rubble. “What in the world was that all about?” Jake asked himself.

After Weedle struck the Pokemon, the Pokemon destroyed the house in a fit of anger, deciding to spare Jake's life and disappearing on its own accord... Fortunately, Jake survived the ordeal.

Suddenly, Weedle released out of its Pokeball, and started to glow. “What? Weedle?”

Huh? Weedle is evolving!

Congratulations, Weedle has evolved into Kakuna!

Hey, they evolve quick, right? Besides, he gets the experience for fighting you-know-who, thats a lot of experience!

“This is great! Good job Kakuna! Next up is your Beedrill form!” Jake exclaimed with glee. Kakuna looked pleased too. The two had a quick meal before setting up camp for the night. The morning came and Jake wasted no time cleaning up and continuing on his journey. “Hopefully we will be out of this forest by mid-afternoon” Jake told himself. Suddenly, the bushes started to shift mildly… “Pi..ka?”

Setting up another end of chapter cliffhanger, featuring a character I was itching to write about.

Chapter 3 Analysis & Commentary

“WAAAAAH!” Screamed Jake. He was being chased by a flock of angry Spearow which came from the direction of the electricity flash. Jake quickly ducked, allowing the Spearow to fly past. “What are you attacking me for? I did nothing to you!” Jake had no means to defend himself, Weedle wouldn’t be powerful enough to take on these, and it has a type disadvantage.

After attempting to see what caused the enormous yellow lightning flash, Jake finds himself attacked by a small flock of angry Spearow, a little charred from electricity. Obviously, he is completely outnumbered, only having a Bug Pokemon which is weak to birds.

*Duunu Duunu Duuh!*

Three Spearows Attacks!

??? used Thundershock!

Critical Hit! Three Spearows faint.

Ok, next.

“Booyah! I knew we could do it Pika-chan! Pleased to meet you, I’m Brian!” said the rather flamboyant man who rescued Jake from the Spearow.
“Uh, hi! I’m Jake. Thank you for rescuing me.
“Anytime buddy, anytime. However, you’ll have to excuse me, I have a lunch date with my colleague. I’ll see you around! Ta-tah!”
“Hey wait!” Jake said. “Was that you who attacked those Spearow in the first place?”
“Oh no, that wasn’t me.” Answered Brian “But I did see another kid with a Pikachu today. I don’t think he knows what he was doing, and that Pikachu didn’t seem happy. Poor thing…”
“Okay, I’ll have to keep my eye out for him. Thanks Brian. Take it easy!”
“Peace out sweetheart!” Brian took off on his bike, with “Pika-Chan” in the front basket. 

So... this character. I really didn't know what I was doing, I admit. I was smart enough to quickly yet gradually phase out these... traits of his before I did something really stupid, and turned him into the more scientist guy of the group. By the way, this is Pikachu #2 in the story (we've already well established Ash Ketchum exists in the world, right? Right.)

Jake continued on north, until he finally entered Viridian City, time 3:30PM. He checked in at the Pokemon Center.
“Welcome! I’m Nurse Joy, how can I help you?” asked the friendly nurse.
“Check my Weedle please?” asked Jake. Weedle’s Pokeball laid on the Pokemon Healing Machine, and was healed.
“Your Pokemon are in fighting form! We hope to see you again!” said the Nurse very oddly. “Oh, and by the way, be on the lookout for Pokemon thieves. Officer Jenny is going to do a special announcement during sunset. There’s a wanted poster on the bulletin board.”
Jake checked the wanted poster. It showed a long red-haired woman and a short blue-haired man, each wearing a white T-Shirt. Jake decided to go to bed early, and checked in at a hostel in upper Viridian City close to the forest. “Ah, you’re from Pallet Town?” asked the clerk.
“Yeah.” Answered Jake.
“A couple of other kids from Pallet checked in this evening. You should introduce yourself. Let your Pokemon out too.”
“Okay, thanks for letting me know!” Jake went into the lounge to meet the other trainers. 

Basic exposition, it wasn't major to my story, but Jessie & James of Team Rocket are established to exist.

A brown-haired kid in blue clothes and a yellow and green circular necklace, a kid dressed in Orange-Red, and Matthew were sitting there welcoming.
“Hey! Jake!” said Matthew. “Meet Adam, and Gary.”
“Hi guys.” Jake said. “I think I know you Gary?”
“Huh, do you now?” said Gary arrogantly.
“Yeah, lets just say I’m keeping my eye on you.”
“I’m the one who started with Charmander!” said Adam. “I nicknamed it “Flarey.” I nickname all my Pokemon!”
“Okay…” said Jake.
“By the way,” said Gary “Did you see a kid and his Pikachu around?”
“Well, no.” answered Jake. “I saw a friend of mine with a Pikachu, but he said he saw another kid and a Pikachu running away from some Spearow.”
Gary laughed. “Ha! I’m willing to bet he got attacked by his Pikachu. From what I heard from grandpa Pikachu didn’t even obey him. What a loser!”

Alright guys, meet the three trainers who took the Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle Ash couldn't get. Adam was perhaps the biggest "tryhard" of the story, and he seemed obsessed with naming his Pokemon. Jake also decides to break the 4th wall, for the first of multiple times. Also, another mention of Ash Ketchum, but where is he?

Off to the corner of his eye, Jake saw another kid on a laptop. His hair was purple and he wore glasses. “Hey guys,” Jake asked. “Who is that?” he pointed to the guy in the corner.
“Oh, that’s Alex.” Answered Matthew. “He’s supposed to be the recurring Rival all of us are going to see.
“There’s supposed to be a secret about him,” Adam interrupted. “I mean, he just seems so mysterious. At one point, he was spouting off words about “Daboomon!” some say he was toking Northern Lights too.
“Um, yeah.” Said Matthew “We shouldn’t trust him. Just battle him if he wants, and let him be.” Jake looked at Alex’s computer screen. Alex was studying up on Ghost Pokemon. Suddenly, Alex jerked his head and made instant eye contact with Jake. His stare looked even creepy with the glasses. Jake was frozen by Alex’s evil glance. His head fill with evil thoughts emitting from Alex’s psychic powers. Horrible images predicting future catastrophic events.

Ah yes, Alex. Thought he was a decent red herring? I didn't get it either, but the character existed in the role play, so he was included. He was, indeed, partly based on "Blue", the recurring rival seen in the Game Boy game, but since Gary was involved in the story (and technically, him and "Blue" are separate characters), Alex was made into a different character altogether. Jake gets to notice firsthand the evil Alex seems to bring. Strange that Jake possessed such power to notice...

In an instant, Jake was back to his senses. It seemed like nothing passed, Adam, Matthew and Gary were still there. “Well guys, I’ll see ya. I’m pooped.” Jake walked to the door.
“Understandable man.” Said Matthew. “Have a great journey! See you around.”
“You too, all you guys.” Responded Jake. “You too Gary.” Jake looked to Alex. “Maybe you too Alex…” he said quietly, believing Alex still heard it through psychic powers. Jake entered the hostel room, and went to sleep.

Just a basic ending, Jake wishes his colleagues well, including Alex, knowing he will see him again.

Chapter 2 Analysis & Commentary


Hey! You’re a trainer? Let’s battle!

*Duunu Duunu Duuh*

Pokemon Trainer Matthew wants to fight!

Pokemon Trainer Matthew sent out Bulbasaur!

Go Weedle!

Bulbasaur used Tackle!

Weedle takes damage of 5!

Weedle used Poison Sting!

Bulbasaur takes damage of 2!

Bulbasaur used Growl!

Weedle is weakened!

Weedle used String Shot!

Bulbasaur is Paralyzed and Slowed! CRITICAL!! Damage of 7!

Bulbasaur faints!

Jake has beaten Pokemon Trainer Matthew!

“Wow, you got lucky!”

Haha, oh wow, does this look silly. Combining stupid-to-read text with poor engrish from Mother? Who'd thunk in a Pokemon game?

“Great Battle!” Said an excited Matthew. “You’re Jake right?”
“Yeah, that’s me!” answered Jake. “You look a bit familiar, but I can’t quite put a name to your face.”
“It’s Matthew, but I see you were one of the unlucky ones.” He said, looking at Weedle.
“Huh? What are you talking about?” Jake asked inquisitively.
“You’re not one of the first three Pallet Trainers this season.” Matthew answered. “Your first Pokemon was not a Bulbasaur, Charmander or Squirtle.”
“I can make do with this Weedle!” responded a bothered Jake.
“I hope so, you’re going to have trouble getting the first few Gym Badges.”
“I’ll be fine…” Jake walked off.
“I’ll see you some other time!” said Matthew with a smile. “Good luck out there!” Jake looked back and waved. The 1:00 Sunlight was shining brightly in the sky. Jake’s stomach started to grumble.
“I guess its time for lunch. There should be a nice lake around here."

Here we meet Matthew, the first of many other Pallet Town trainers who will get involved in the main story at heart. More basic stuff. Jake decides to eat lunch at a lake, which leads us to...


“Hey! Watch out! Don’t scare the Magikarp away!”

Young Man Marble has hooked a Magikarp!

Marble threw a Great Ball!

The Pokeball shook repeatedly. After 5 shakes, the Pokeball stood stationary.

Marble captured Magikarp!

More text-listing crap.

“Hi, Sorry about that. I didn’t want to lose this Magikarp.” The Young Man said. “My name is Marble.”
“My name is Jake! Nice to meet you.”
“I’m not a trainer yet, but I just wanted to catch this Pokemon for a head start. I’ll see you around!” Marble spun and quickly vanished.
“That was weird…” Said a blinking Jake.
Jake and Weedle had a nice picnic lunch. Weedle’s hit points reached Max! After their break was over, Jake and his partner continued on their way down Route 1. All of a sudden, the rain came down very heavily.
“Oh no! And there’s no shelter for at least two miles.” Jake groaned, he really disliked rain. Just as sudden as the rain, a bright flash of yellow electricity filled the sky just a short distance ahead! Jake went to investigate.

Here we meet another trainer, Marble, perhaps one of the more interesting trainers through the story. Marble was based on my roommate at the time, which is why he seemed to be in cahoots with Jake, even if completely offscreen... Well, after he captures his Magikarp, he goes off to get ready for his own introduction, more on that later. After lunch, a rainstorm comes by, followed by a bright flash of electricity... Evidently something familiar is going on... small world, huh?