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Is the fan fic returning?

I've made a slight return to the Pokemon community to stir up the fact that I have returned to planning and writing what will probably be less than 10 final chapters of my fan fic. My big thing right now is wanting to find a new place to host the fan fic and gradually release each chapter on that new medium, while proofreading and attempting to fix errors (I really need to see Mewtwo Strikes Back so I can rewrite my version better).

So I have one Chapter fully written, but a lot happens in it, so its a big one.

Another thing I need to do is find a host that will be willing for me to have this allowed to be as R-Rated as possible. This was my story and the themes I used were present to show just how messed up the Pokemon world could be. I do hope I didn't make myself look like the real villain doing this, in fact its just a side effect of the whole story. My heroes know about it, and know Jason is the cause of it, but Jason doesn't necessarily know this. Really, this whole story is based on a big conflict that happened within the real world. We all had our Pokemon and stats written on a character sheet and we played an RPG, but some got too powerful…

This whole thing was meant to be my way of closing it off, to write it the way I always pictured it to end if the big fight didn't happen.

Well, the story is gonna get REAL R-Rated starting with the next chapter. Some new characters are going to be introduced, but these will really take the fucked up scale to a new level. You'll be begging to know why these guys are in the Pokemon world.

~ Cheers

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Chapter 5 Analysis & Commentary

Deep, within the Viridian Forest, Jake has come across a wild Pikachu. “Pikachu’s are very popular Pokemon, I think I will catch it!” said Jake.


Wild Pikachu appeared!

Go Kakuna!

Kakuna used Poison Sting! Pikachu takes damage of 4!

Pikachu used Thundershock! … No effect!

Textwalling, to no effect!

Electricity tried to crackle out of the Pikachu’s cheek pouches, but they just poofed out smoke. The Pikachu looked down, and started to cry profusely. It put its head against a tree crying. “Alright, here’s my chance to catch it!”

Jake threw the Pokeball!

The Pokeball shook repeatedly. After 5 shakes, the Pokeball stood stationary.

Alright! Pikachu has been caught!

Basically, the Pikachu attempted to use Thundershock, but it failed to do so. As the Pikachu started crying at its lack of confidence in itself, Jake takes the opportunity to capture it.

Jake released Pikachu to heal it, the Pokemon was still crying. “What’s wrong Pikachu?” Jake asked. “Something’s wrong with your electricity. Try use Thundershock!” Pikachu attempted to attack with electricity, but its cheeks just crackled, and poofed smoke. “Oh no…” sighed Jake. Suddenly, his Pokedex started to buzz.
“This Pikachu’s Thundershock, is faulty.” Said the Pokedex.
“Faulty?” asked Jake to himself. Pikachu started to cry profusely. It put its head in its palms, crying into them. “Don’t worry Pikachu, I’ll do anything I can to help." Jake continued on towards the end of the forest.

Jake discovers the problem, Thundershock is Faulty. Now, Jake has a real challenge now that he's caught his first captured Pokemon... What could he do with a Pikachu that can't use electric attacks? He chose not to give up, though.

“Hey! Jake!” it was Adam!


“Hey man! I’ve caught a lot of cool Pokemon, lets battle!”


Pokemon Trainer Adam wants to fight!

Pokemon Trainer Adam sent out Happy! (Metapod)

Go Pikachu!

Happy used Harden! Happy’s Defense rose!

This is good Pikachu. We can work on your attacks!

Pikachu used Thundershock! It had no effect.

Happy used Harden! Happy’s Defense rose!

Pikachu used Thundershock! It had no effect.

Happy used Harden! Happy’s Defense rose!

Pikachu used Growl! Happy’s Attack fell!

Happy used Harden! Happy’s Defense rose!

Pikachu used Thundershock! Happy takes damage of 10!

Happy faints!

Awesome Pikachu, you did it!

Pokemon Trainer Adam sent out Flarey! (Charmander)

Pikachu used Thundershock! It had no effect.

Pikachu started crying profusely!

Flarey used Growl! Pikachu’s Attack fell.

Pikachu is crying!

Flarey used Ember! Pikachu takes damage of 9.

Pikachu, return! Go Kakuna!

Kakuna used String Shot! Flarey is slowed. Takes damage of 2.

Flarey used Scratch! Kakuna takes damage of 5.

Kakuna used Poison Sting! Critical Hit! Flarey takes damage of 12.

Flarey fainted!

Jake wins the match!

“Hmm, dumb luck…”

Dumb, annoying, long text walling, existing only to remind us again that Jake's Pikachu can't attack properly.

“So, your Pikachu can’t attack with electricity? Weak, dude.” Said Adam.
“I don’t know what to do.” Answered Jake. “I’m gonna see if the Nurse Joy in Pewter City will know anything.”
“Well, good luck with that! I’m gonna battle Brock at the gym, and quickly move on. I can’t wait til I have my Charizard!”
“See you later Adam, don’t be so cocky.” Adam walked away. 

Adam sure seems full of himself, don't he? He got what came to him, and he needed to learn to better himself.

Jake released Pikachu, who was still sobbing tears. “Pikachu, everything is going to be okay! At least its possible to attack!” Pikachu ignored Jake. “Pewter City isn’t far! You’ll be alright soon!” Pikachu did not listen to Jake. “Pikachu, STOP CRYING!” Jake screamed, as he started to cry with his Pokemon.

Well, if you had a Pikachu that couldn't stop crying like that, you'd start to cry as well.

Chapter 4 Analysis & Commentary

Jake had started the trek through the Viridian Forest, unaware of the Pokemon he might find in. The forest looked like a maze, each tree looking almost alike.


Wild Caterpie Appeared!

Go Weedle!

Wild Caterpie used String Shot! Weedle’s Speed fell.

Weedle used Poison Sting! Wild Caterpie takes damage of 7!

Wild Caterpie used Tackle! Wild Caterpie missed!

Weedle used Poison Sting! Wild Caterpie takes damage of 6!

Wild Caterpie fainted!

Thinking I need to exposit about Pokemon getting experience points, here I bore you.

Jake did a little more training with Weedle, giving it a potion after every other battle to keep its stamina up. The sun was getting ready to set, and Jake needed to set up camp. Suddenly, a faint hum started to fill the air. “What is that?” asked Jake to himself, as he decided to check it out.

Oh wow, something abnormal is happening in the Pokemon Universe? Sound the alarms!

Around the corner, Jake came across a two-story house. “What is a house doing in the middle of Viridian Forest?” Jake asked himself. The hum got louder, and it started to sound as if it was coming from the second story. Jake entered the house; the table was set up for two, but nobody had apparently been cooking. “Hello?” Jake called out. Just as he had, the humming abruptly stopped.

Whoa! A Secret House in the Viridian Forest! Jake, is obviously pretty excited at this discovery.

Jake sneakily walked up the stairs and saw a figure, sitting down on the floor meditating. It looked like it may have been a Pokemon, it resembled a feline, but was large and had what looked like tubes of some sort going through its back. The humming returned, but very faintly, as if it was aware of its guest. Jake was frozen in terror. “What… are you?” Jake asked rhetorically but with fear, not expecting an answer. The humming again stopped, and the creature opened its eyes in anger. Jake screamed.

Well look who goes and establishes himself pretty early in the story. Even though I don't flat out state who this is, its obvious, right? While initially excited, something about this creature had frozen Jake in terror. Of course, the creature notices Jake's presence, and isn't pleased.


??? appeared!

Go Weedle!

??? idles!

Weedle used Poison Sting! ??? took damage of 2!

??? Screamed in pain!

More textwalling, but this part features an important plot point. Weedle used Poison Sting and it did make contact...

The house started to rumble, windows started to shatter, and the Mysterious Pokemon looked furious. “Weedle! Return!” shouted Jake using his Pokeball. Jake ran down the stairs as quick as can be and managed to escape the house just as it imploded. A purple streak quickly shot out of the rubble. “What in the world was that all about?” Jake asked himself.

After Weedle struck the Pokemon, the Pokemon destroyed the house in a fit of anger, deciding to spare Jake's life and disappearing on its own accord... Fortunately, Jake survived the ordeal.

Suddenly, Weedle released out of its Pokeball, and started to glow. “What? Weedle?”

Huh? Weedle is evolving!

Congratulations, Weedle has evolved into Kakuna!

Hey, they evolve quick, right? Besides, he gets the experience for fighting you-know-who, thats a lot of experience!

“This is great! Good job Kakuna! Next up is your Beedrill form!” Jake exclaimed with glee. Kakuna looked pleased too. The two had a quick meal before setting up camp for the night. The morning came and Jake wasted no time cleaning up and continuing on his journey. “Hopefully we will be out of this forest by mid-afternoon” Jake told himself. Suddenly, the bushes started to shift mildly… “Pi..ka?”

Setting up another end of chapter cliffhanger, featuring a character I was itching to write about.

Chapter 3 Analysis & Commentary

“WAAAAAH!” Screamed Jake. He was being chased by a flock of angry Spearow which came from the direction of the electricity flash. Jake quickly ducked, allowing the Spearow to fly past. “What are you attacking me for? I did nothing to you!” Jake had no means to defend himself, Weedle wouldn’t be powerful enough to take on these, and it has a type disadvantage.

After attempting to see what caused the enormous yellow lightning flash, Jake finds himself attacked by a small flock of angry Spearow, a little charred from electricity. Obviously, he is completely outnumbered, only having a Bug Pokemon which is weak to birds.

*Duunu Duunu Duuh!*

Three Spearows Attacks!

??? used Thundershock!

Critical Hit! Three Spearows faint.

Ok, next.

“Booyah! I knew we could do it Pika-chan! Pleased to meet you, I’m Brian!” said the rather flamboyant man who rescued Jake from the Spearow.
“Uh, hi! I’m Jake. Thank you for rescuing me.
“Anytime buddy, anytime. However, you’ll have to excuse me, I have a lunch date with my colleague. I’ll see you around! Ta-tah!”
“Hey wait!” Jake said. “Was that you who attacked those Spearow in the first place?”
“Oh no, that wasn’t me.” Answered Brian “But I did see another kid with a Pikachu today. I don’t think he knows what he was doing, and that Pikachu didn’t seem happy. Poor thing…”
“Okay, I’ll have to keep my eye out for him. Thanks Brian. Take it easy!”
“Peace out sweetheart!” Brian took off on his bike, with “Pika-Chan” in the front basket. 

So... this character. I really didn't know what I was doing, I admit. I was smart enough to quickly yet gradually phase out these... traits of his before I did something really stupid, and turned him into the more scientist guy of the group. By the way, this is Pikachu #2 in the story (we've already well established Ash Ketchum exists in the world, right? Right.)

Jake continued on north, until he finally entered Viridian City, time 3:30PM. He checked in at the Pokemon Center.
“Welcome! I’m Nurse Joy, how can I help you?” asked the friendly nurse.
“Check my Weedle please?” asked Jake. Weedle’s Pokeball laid on the Pokemon Healing Machine, and was healed.
“Your Pokemon are in fighting form! We hope to see you again!” said the Nurse very oddly. “Oh, and by the way, be on the lookout for Pokemon thieves. Officer Jenny is going to do a special announcement during sunset. There’s a wanted poster on the bulletin board.”
Jake checked the wanted poster. It showed a long red-haired woman and a short blue-haired man, each wearing a white T-Shirt. Jake decided to go to bed early, and checked in at a hostel in upper Viridian City close to the forest. “Ah, you’re from Pallet Town?” asked the clerk.
“Yeah.” Answered Jake.
“A couple of other kids from Pallet checked in this evening. You should introduce yourself. Let your Pokemon out too.”
“Okay, thanks for letting me know!” Jake went into the lounge to meet the other trainers. 

Basic exposition, it wasn't major to my story, but Jessie & James of Team Rocket are established to exist.

A brown-haired kid in blue clothes and a yellow and green circular necklace, a kid dressed in Orange-Red, and Matthew were sitting there welcoming.
“Hey! Jake!” said Matthew. “Meet Adam, and Gary.”
“Hi guys.” Jake said. “I think I know you Gary?”
“Huh, do you now?” said Gary arrogantly.
“Yeah, lets just say I’m keeping my eye on you.”
“I’m the one who started with Charmander!” said Adam. “I nicknamed it “Flarey.” I nickname all my Pokemon!”
“Okay…” said Jake.
“By the way,” said Gary “Did you see a kid and his Pikachu around?”
“Well, no.” answered Jake. “I saw a friend of mine with a Pikachu, but he said he saw another kid and a Pikachu running away from some Spearow.”
Gary laughed. “Ha! I’m willing to bet he got attacked by his Pikachu. From what I heard from grandpa Pikachu didn’t even obey him. What a loser!”

Alright guys, meet the three trainers who took the Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle Ash couldn't get. Adam was perhaps the biggest "tryhard" of the story, and he seemed obsessed with naming his Pokemon. Jake also decides to break the 4th wall, for the first of multiple times. Also, another mention of Ash Ketchum, but where is he?

Off to the corner of his eye, Jake saw another kid on a laptop. His hair was purple and he wore glasses. “Hey guys,” Jake asked. “Who is that?” he pointed to the guy in the corner.
“Oh, that’s Alex.” Answered Matthew. “He’s supposed to be the recurring Rival all of us are going to see.
“There’s supposed to be a secret about him,” Adam interrupted. “I mean, he just seems so mysterious. At one point, he was spouting off words about “Daboomon!” some say he was toking Northern Lights too.
“Um, yeah.” Said Matthew “We shouldn’t trust him. Just battle him if he wants, and let him be.” Jake looked at Alex’s computer screen. Alex was studying up on Ghost Pokemon. Suddenly, Alex jerked his head and made instant eye contact with Jake. His stare looked even creepy with the glasses. Jake was frozen by Alex’s evil glance. His head fill with evil thoughts emitting from Alex’s psychic powers. Horrible images predicting future catastrophic events.

Ah yes, Alex. Thought he was a decent red herring? I didn't get it either, but the character existed in the role play, so he was included. He was, indeed, partly based on "Blue", the recurring rival seen in the Game Boy game, but since Gary was involved in the story (and technically, him and "Blue" are separate characters), Alex was made into a different character altogether. Jake gets to notice firsthand the evil Alex seems to bring. Strange that Jake possessed such power to notice...

In an instant, Jake was back to his senses. It seemed like nothing passed, Adam, Matthew and Gary were still there. “Well guys, I’ll see ya. I’m pooped.” Jake walked to the door.
“Understandable man.” Said Matthew. “Have a great journey! See you around.”
“You too, all you guys.” Responded Jake. “You too Gary.” Jake looked to Alex. “Maybe you too Alex…” he said quietly, believing Alex still heard it through psychic powers. Jake entered the hostel room, and went to sleep.

Just a basic ending, Jake wishes his colleagues well, including Alex, knowing he will see him again.

Chapter 2 Analysis & Commentary


Hey! You’re a trainer? Let’s battle!

*Duunu Duunu Duuh*

Pokemon Trainer Matthew wants to fight!

Pokemon Trainer Matthew sent out Bulbasaur!

Go Weedle!

Bulbasaur used Tackle!

Weedle takes damage of 5!

Weedle used Poison Sting!

Bulbasaur takes damage of 2!

Bulbasaur used Growl!

Weedle is weakened!

Weedle used String Shot!

Bulbasaur is Paralyzed and Slowed! CRITICAL!! Damage of 7!

Bulbasaur faints!

Jake has beaten Pokemon Trainer Matthew!

“Wow, you got lucky!”

Haha, oh wow, does this look silly. Combining stupid-to-read text with poor engrish from Mother? Who'd thunk in a Pokemon game?

“Great Battle!” Said an excited Matthew. “You’re Jake right?”
“Yeah, that’s me!” answered Jake. “You look a bit familiar, but I can’t quite put a name to your face.”
“It’s Matthew, but I see you were one of the unlucky ones.” He said, looking at Weedle.
“Huh? What are you talking about?” Jake asked inquisitively.
“You’re not one of the first three Pallet Trainers this season.” Matthew answered. “Your first Pokemon was not a Bulbasaur, Charmander or Squirtle.”
“I can make do with this Weedle!” responded a bothered Jake.
“I hope so, you’re going to have trouble getting the first few Gym Badges.”
“I’ll be fine…” Jake walked off.
“I’ll see you some other time!” said Matthew with a smile. “Good luck out there!” Jake looked back and waved. The 1:00 Sunlight was shining brightly in the sky. Jake’s stomach started to grumble.
“I guess its time for lunch. There should be a nice lake around here."

Here we meet Matthew, the first of many other Pallet Town trainers who will get involved in the main story at heart. More basic stuff. Jake decides to eat lunch at a lake, which leads us to...


“Hey! Watch out! Don’t scare the Magikarp away!”

Young Man Marble has hooked a Magikarp!

Marble threw a Great Ball!

The Pokeball shook repeatedly. After 5 shakes, the Pokeball stood stationary.

Marble captured Magikarp!

More text-listing crap.

“Hi, Sorry about that. I didn’t want to lose this Magikarp.” The Young Man said. “My name is Marble.”
“My name is Jake! Nice to meet you.”
“I’m not a trainer yet, but I just wanted to catch this Pokemon for a head start. I’ll see you around!” Marble spun and quickly vanished.
“That was weird…” Said a blinking Jake.
Jake and Weedle had a nice picnic lunch. Weedle’s hit points reached Max! After their break was over, Jake and his partner continued on their way down Route 1. All of a sudden, the rain came down very heavily.
“Oh no! And there’s no shelter for at least two miles.” Jake groaned, he really disliked rain. Just as sudden as the rain, a bright flash of yellow electricity filled the sky just a short distance ahead! Jake went to investigate.

Here we meet another trainer, Marble, perhaps one of the more interesting trainers through the story. Marble was based on my roommate at the time, which is why he seemed to be in cahoots with Jake, even if completely offscreen... Well, after he captures his Magikarp, he goes off to get ready for his own introduction, more on that later. After lunch, a rainstorm comes by, followed by a bright flash of electricity... Evidently something familiar is going on... small world, huh?

Chapter 1 Analysis & Commentary

Jake was an aspiring would-be trainer who hadn’t turned 10 yet. Rumors had spread that many of his friends had received their Pokemon and started their journeys, but Jake was the youngest in his age group. His birthday came, and wished his family goodbye. Jake had a unique goal; he wanted to find new ways for Pokemon to improve our lives.

Here is where we meet the main hero of the story, Jake. This is a character based heavily upon myself, and represents the role play character I was in that schoolyard game this whole thing was based on. This is the very beginning of the story, and obviously I was still thinking how I was going to approach this story. I had to make an excuse as to why Jake got his first Pokemon so late, so making him the youngest of the "generation" just had to do. Also, his goal is seen throughout his whole character growth, namely how he captured a Porygon and found many uses for it, and how he learned to tame his Scyther/Scizor.

He arrived at Professor Oak’s lab. “Hello, you must be Jake.” Said the Professor.
“That’s me! Which Pokemon do you have for me to chose from?” Jake asked in response.
“Well,” the Professor answered, “As you know, other children who turn 10 years old also become Pokemon trainers. Some of these have come before you, sometimes within days. I don’t always have the time to get more Pokemon for brand new trainers. In fact, just yesterday I had to give my spare Pikachu to a young man, and that didn’t go too well.”
“Oh, does this mean I can’t get a Pokemon today?” asked Jake in a sad tone.
“Well, I’ll tell you what,” said Oak. “I have an extra Pokeball, and I’ll show you how to catch a Pokemon with it! You’ll be able to keep the Pokemon too.”
“Alright, lets go!” responded Jake.
Jake and Professor Oak travelled north to Route 1. “Over there to those trees, Jake.” Professor Oak led Jake to a patch of tall grass. “Bug Pokemon are more common under foliage. They’re also very simple to catch.”

As mentioned, Jake is the last of the Generation to leave Pallet Town. Even Ash Ketchum is long gone. Therefore, Professor Oak does not have any Pokemon left at all. Lucky for Jake, Professor Oak happens to have a bit of free time, and he goes out and catches a Weedle to satisfy Jake, doing so with success...

*Duunu Duunu Duuh!*

A Wild Weedle appeared!

“Okay Jake, wait for it to hold still, and throw the Pokeball.”

Jake took the Pokeball out of his backpack, and held with patience, waiting for the Weedle to hold still.

Jake throw’s the Pokeball!

The Pokeball shook repeatedly. After 5 shakes, the Pokeball stood stationary.

Jake captured Weedle!

“Wonderful! Let’s return to my lab.”

As you may have noticed, this story is old in my head. A big reason it took me so long in writing it out is because, after all, Pokemon is all about Pokemon Battles, and its not in the Universe of Pokemon without Pokemon Battles. I don't like writing Pokemon battles at all, it seems so redundant to do, and drags on and on. So for my first attempt at writing Pokemon battles, I went and tried to replicate the Game Boy text system, and yes, it looks stupid.

Back at Professor Oak’s lab, Jake was feeding his new Weedle. It enjoyed the leaves and food it was eating.
“Well Jake, this Weedle seems to like you a lot.” Said the Professor. “It is time to start your Pokemon journey.” The Professor reached into his coat pocket and took out a Pokedex and 5 Pokeball’s. “Take these, they are tools for Pokemon Trainers.”
“Thanks Professor.” Responded Jake. “I appreciate every thing you’ve done for me, and I will take good care of this Weedle.”
“Keep your eye out on other trainers from Pallet Town, whether they are new, or old. You each represent the same town.”
“I will Professor! I will!”
Jake took one last look at his town while standing on the hill; with his partner Weedle standing on his shoulder.
“Well Weedle, it’s you and I for now, I can’t wait to see and capture a lot of cool & unique Pokemon!” Jake turned without looking back, with optimism for the future. Off to the distance, some kilometers away, a trainer spots him!
“Aha!” said the Trainer.
“Bul-ba!” said his Pokemon.

Basic stuff, Jakes new Pokemon likes him a lot, heres your Pokedex, yada yada. Of course, early in his adventure, a Pokemon Trainer spots him, with a Bulbasaur, the very Bulbasaur Ash Ketchum missed out on.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Chapter 108: The Meeting

“So, the Pokemon world has come to this?” Jake asked, as he walked through the barren, desolate streets of Vermillion City. Only just recently has things started to become so gloomy in the World of Pokemon. Jake had spent such a long time in the beautiful Southern Islands, he had forgotten about the dire situations of the bigger picture. Jake had arrived in Vermillion City to take part in a big meeting, one which him and his Pokemon Trainer colleagues were to discuss what to do about the evil Power, Jason. “Here is the address.” Jake said, walking into a building and up the stairs...

“At last, you are here.” said Professor Sashkatch, greeting Jake.
“And that is it, all concerned are present.” said Gordon, who was tallying all present. Adam, Matthew, Brian and Jake were together in the same room for the first time in awhile.
“It is good to see you Jake, a lot has happened since New Island.” Matthew said.
“So, our first order of business, to reunite our new clones together.” Professor Sashkatch said, as a door opened, revealing Alex, who walked into the room holding a Master Ball.
“Go, Mewthree.” Alex said, releasing the Master Ball.
“Hyyaaaa...” said the Blue, Devine Mewthree. “Where am I? What is this? Who are these people?” asked a nervous Mewthree.
“Mewthree, my child. We are here to reunite you with your brother.” Professor Sashkatch said.
“My brother?” Mewthree asked.
“Yes.” Matthew said, taking out his own Master Ball. “Go, Mewfour!”
“MEWFOUR!” said the lion-like Mewfour.
“Mewfour! It is really you!” Mewthree said.
“Mewthree! My sister! I have found you!” Mewfour said, running up to Mewthree and hugging her.
“Mewfour... I was so afraid.” Mewthree said. “To see you captured by that wicked child!”
“Its okay now, I am here.” Mewfour said to Mewthree.
“I am so relieved the new clones are in good hands, away from the evil Power.” Professor Sashkatch said. Just then, Adam stood up.
“Professor, if you didn’t mind, I have something to add to this current situation.” Adam said to the Professor.
“Sure, go ahead.” Professor Sashkatch said,
“Okay then, Adam said, taking out his own Master Ball. “Go!”
“Myuuu!!” said Adam’s Mew.
“What?” Matthew said.
“Unreal!” Brian said.
“Adam... I am speechless!” Jake said,
“You... you actually found it, the original Secret Pokemon?” Professor Sashkatch said, astonished to see Mew.
“Indeed.” Adam responded. “There had become a sort of rivalry as Pokemon trainers between Jason and I. I wanted nothing more than to stop him from finding all the Secrets. He did end up capturing all the Legendary Birds, but I had succeeded in finding the Secret of Mew first.”
“Myuu.” said Mew.
“It appears that Mew has some unfinished business it wants to deal with with Mewtwo.” Adam said. “So it joined me.”
“These are strange developments, children.” Professor Sashkatch said.
“And it just so happens, we have recently come across a lead in thwarting Jason.” Alex said.
Suddenly, the doors opened, revealing Marble, the Dragon Trainer.
“Huh? Marble?” Jake said.
“Hello everyone, yes, it is I, Marble. I had eventually started to maintain a low profile in my Pokemon journey, choosing to train off an oil rig all while earning my eight Pokemon Badges, but something has come up. I have found the whereabouts of your missing friend, Andy.” Marble said,
“You... wait, you actually found Andy?” Adam said, flabbergasted.
“He has been transformed into an Abra.” Marble said, throwing the Poke Ball to reveal an Abra. “It may seem like an ordinary Abra to you, but my Articuno, who was a gift from Jason, I might add, can communicate with me, and I was able to understand its thoughts as if it were mine.
“Abra... abra...” said the Abra, apparently distraught over everything.
“Wow. It really is him. Poor Andy.” said Matthew.
“Abbbbb-raaaaa.” said the Abra.
“Go Articuno, what is it saying?” said Marble, releasing his Articuno.
“Articuno!” said Marbles Articuno. “...... Jason must pay. Jason was horrible, I fear what he will do to the Pokemon World.” Articuno said projecting Andy the Abra’s thoughts.
“Wow, it really is true.” said Jake.
“Its unbelievable. The intention of Pokemon was supposed to be about battling each other with our Pokemon friends.” Matthew said. “Yet everyone, including even myself, had become blinded by something.”
“Two things.” The Professor said. “Greed and Power.”
“Correct.” Jake said.
“Pokemon is a new thing here.” Alex said “But within our own imagination, we can muster anything we wish into our world. Things became much more concrete, when the Human-Type Pokemon were created. Our own foolish imaginations lead to the discovery of the Missingno. glitch, which found its way into the Operation ISO process, creating the abominable Human-Types.”
The Pokemon Trainers looked to Alex and Professor Sashkatch.
“Much good..... Science is.” Professor Sashkatch said with all his heart. “Fucking Chris, Steve & Bob... The Grand Pokemon God didn’t want that!”
“Chris, Steve & Bob, huh?” Jake spoke up. “I met those guys, I even did away with them after they attacked me. However...” Jake said, as he stood up to take the center of attention. “I attempted to be different from all other Pokemon trainers. My first Pokemon was a simple Weedle. But once my journey began, it quickly became unique, and different. I saw Mewtwo before anybody did! I then captured a Pikachu that became Pikablu! Nobody believed Pikablu actually existed, did they? I then decided not to compete for Badges at all, but was thirsty for more of those Secrets. My luck really came when I captured a Porygon! I was able to show it off and travel through cyberspace with it. I even got more lucky by capturing a Scyther! And to raise it from a misbehaving infant to a very confident Scizor was quite a task. I also discovered the Secret of the Southern Islands. Nobody went there did they?”
“We did.” Brian and Matthew said.
“Oh right. However, I was probably the one who interacted with Jason most of all. Early on, he had trusted me with a few Secrets. He told me his Ponyta was just about to evolve. He then went on to tell me his Secrets were “None of my business.” but I still found out something important about him......”
Jake took a beat and continued.
“I was there when he was attacked by Team Rocket. And it was partly my fault his Rapidash was killed. But his look in his eyes when he walked past me... Something horrible had awaken in him.”
“Aaabra!” said Andy the Abra, trying to speak up.
“What is it trying to say Articuno?” Marble asked to his Articuno.
“I know... I know where Jason is going.” Articuno said.
“Where?” Adam asked.
“At a gate. A mysterious gate. Where we were transported once before... Jason and I... I have regret for it... We constructed his base in the midst of a vast and expanding jungle-like continent, which we presumed was in a far-off way. My Human-Type Pokemon, Ninja, had amazing MacGuyver like skills and we had created so many things, granting us, no... HIM, amazing Power. His plan was to rule the Pokemon World by training at this base, but to ultimately conquer his scheme, he needed the Strongest Pokemon in the World, Mewtwo, to which he knew as “Operation ISO.” With my Human-Type Pokemon, which perhaps I never should have captured, we proceeded to attack the Rocket Casino in Celadon City, in hopes to find location on Mewtwo’s whereabouts. Afterwards, Jason betrayed me. He simply threw me out of his scheme. I could never understand why, I was being loyal to him because I naively thought he was awesome. Now, I could never be so angry. I hope my body, and my Pokemon are alright...”
“Good God...” Professor Sashkatch said, slamming his fists on the desk. “We never should have tampered in the first place.”
“Professor Sashkatch, it is alright.” Jake said.
“Huh? What do you mean Jake?” Brian asked.
“Listen guys, I know a thing or two about Jason. And I propose we find this gate Andy spoke about, infiltrate his base, and figure out a way to defeat him and strip him of all his Power, Power he unfairly got.” Jake proposed.
“Jake, come on, we don’t have strong enough Pokemon to defend against Mewtwo and the Legendary Birds.” Matthew said.
“We have Mewthree and Mewfour.” Jake responded.
“So what?” Matthew responded back. “They are both still children. They don’t even understand much of what’s happened.”
“Marble, please tell me, would you join in on my proposal?” Jake asked to Marble.
“Hah, sure would! I’ve been building my Gyarados team up for something, and perhaps we will find out what happened to my Dragonair’s family.” Marble said, agreeing to join Jake.
“I have an extremely powerful Beedrill, a Secret Pokemon, and a Scizor and a Porygon 2. I have a lot of strengths here.” Jake said. “I’m sure I could lead this battle to victory.” Jake said with a straight face and tone.
“I’ll join.” Adam said. “Mew wants to face Mewtwo. If this is how she will do it, then fine by me.”
“I’ll come too. My adventure has already been crazy, what could go wrong?” Matthew said, joining as well.
“Brian?” Jake asked to Brian.
“Well, I’m really not sure about my strengths, but I will come along.” Brian said.
“Excellent!” Jake said.
“Unfortunately, we cannot go.” Professor Sashkatch said. “As Scientists, we must stay in the laboratory, looking from behind the mirror.”
“I want you to take Mewthree.” Alex said, giving the Master Ball to Jake.
“Thank you Alex, I will take good care of it.” Jake said, accepting the Master Ball.
“I believe there is much more to those two than we can see.” Alex said. “Perhaps they are vital to your success.”
“Good luck, children.” Gordon said.
“Indeed.” Jake said. “Are you guys ready to begin our alliance? And to begin with my plot?”
Adam, Matthew, Brian and Marble nodded.
“Then lets go. Goodbye Professor, Alex, Gordon. And thank you for all your help and advice during our Pokemon Journeys.” Jake said to the scientists. “Come on guys, lets go.” Jake said, leading his friends outside the laboratory.

Jake, Brian, Matthew, Adam and Marble were outside in Vermillion City. “Listen guys, time is short but we cannot go unprepared. I want all of us to go our separate ways for just one week. During that week, train your Pokemon. Not Ash Ketchum “Explore Pokemopolis Ruins” crap, but full fledged level grinding. Evolve all the Pokemon you can. And it will be most handy for you to get a Pokemon you can mount. I fear Jason’s Land will make a mount very necessary. And train your own bodies for it. Exercise.”
“I’m getting a weight set to carry around in an item ball!” Adam said.
“I sure hope you know what you’re getting us into, Jake.” Matthew said to Jake.
“Somebody has to stop Jason. As it stands, the World of Pokemon is dying thanks to his wicked ambitions.” Jake said. “I know what it will take to defeat Jason. He may have his immense Power, but if I could exploit his fatal weakness, we will thwart him.”
“So Jake, where are we to meet one week from today?” Brian asked to Jake.
“Everyone, take my advice seriously, and we all will meet up in Lavender Town one week from today.” Jake commanded to everyone.
“Right.” Marble said.
“Got it.” Adam said.
“Will do.” Brian said.
“As long as we truly succeed.” Matthew said.
“Good. Everyone, Godspeed.” Jake said, as he exited through Vermillion City’s gate and ventured aimlessly into the route...


In a vast, expanding and seemingly never ending sea, a Helicopter flutters in the sky to parts unknown. Apparently, a tube of some sort had been connected to the fuel compartment to the inside.