Sunday, December 23, 2012

Chapter 96: The House on Lubbers

At a quaint dock with a small shack by it, the Sea Helicopter carrying John & Psycho landed. John & Psycho exited out of the Helicopter. “It’s pretty dark despite it being a full moon.” John said. “Charmeleon, go!”
“Meleon!” said John’s Charmeleon, who’s tail fire was illuminating the vision.
“Okay, let’s go check this out.” Psycho said, as he and John walked the dock into the mainland. There they saw a sign.

“Welcome to Granma’s Jungle”

Psycho transformed his forearms into axe blades. “I’ll keep us protected should any wild animal attack us.” he said.
“Right, lets go, Charmeleon, lead the way.” John said, and the three walked into the dark woods of Granma’s Jungle.
“So, who’s this “Grandma?” Psycho asked.
“It is a strange thing to name a forest, and wonder why they misspelled the word?” John responded.
“Meleon.” said Charmeleon.
“You know, from the dock, I thought I could make out a house of some sort in the distance. I wonder if that has something to do with it.” Psycho said.
“Hmmmm.” John said.
“Kooooooooeeeeeeeeeee!” said a strange, sudden voice from out far in the darkness.
“Oh my Goodness! What was that!!?” Psycho asked, freaked out.
“Yahoe! Yahoe! Is that you?” John called out. In response, the trees rustled like they were in the wind, but weren’t. “AAAAGH!” John said, running off into the path.
“John, wait for me!” Psycho said, running at quick speed.

John & Psycho ran up a hill that appeared, it took them to a smaller of two houses. “So, we’re here?” John said.
“I guess...” Psycho answered.


A loud, roaring noise started to roar from out of the small house.
“AAAAAGH!” Psycho & John screamed in unison, and they bolted into the large house.
“What the heck is going on!?” Psycho said.
“Oh. Wow!” John said, slack jawed, as he and Psycho examined the insides. Except the second half of the house was completely wiped. Literally, half the house wasn’t there. And John & Psycho were looking out at the lights of the city of Shaba Island.
“There’s a set of stairs, but it goes nowhere!” Psycho said, pointing out the stairs. “Wonder if there actually is something on the 2nd floor?”
“It looks like the kitchen is fully intact.” John said. “There’s also something through this passage...”
“Wow! There IS something on the 2nd floor.” Psycho said, having given himself wings, examining the house. “I wonder what else I can see from the sky.” Psycho said, flying further up. “Hey, wait a minute...” Psycho said, spotting something in the sea between Lubbers Island and Shaba Island. It looked like 3 Segmented lights, and a hum emitted from the sea around them.
“Agh!” John screamed, falling down in the passage he entered in.
“Huh?” Psycho said, reacting to John’s scream. “Oh no! John?” Psycho said, flying back onto the ground and running into the kitchen. He peered around in the dark kitchen, and transformed his arms into whips. “You do not want to mess with me you hooligans!” Psycho said. “I am a Human-Type Pokemon!”


“Ack!” Psycho said, freaked out by the noise. Suddenly, thumping noises came from the passage opposite Psycho. Just then, three cloaked figures entered into what little moonlight there was. “Oh my goodness.” Psycho said.
“What has the Pokemon World come to? A Pokemon named “Psycho?”” said the Cloaked Figure in the middle.
“How did you know my name...” Psycho said, with a wuss tone. Then, a strange gas started to pour into the kitchen. Psycho fell unconscious.

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