Sunday, December 23, 2012

Chapter 97: The War for Lubbers. Part 1

Jake was still chilling before traveling to Hole in the Island. He was at the Full Moon Party at Lubbers Island, having caught a ferry from Shaba Island. “Ah. Hahahahaha YAYAH!” Jake said, stepping onto the balcony to catch some fresh air. “Oh man, what a party!” Jake said, obviously drunk. “Man, the Pokemon World is going to Hell.” he said, looking up at the moon. "Jason was pretty pissed about his Rapidash being killed. Who knows what he’ll Orchestrate next...” Just then, from inside the party, Katy Perry’s “Last Friday Night” came on, many girls screamed at it. “Oh. Yeah!” Jake said, as he danced back in...

“Ugn, Ugh! Oh... where am I?” John said, as he was coming to. It was dark and dank. It was also apparently underground, as it sounded as if it were. “Psycho, are you here? Psycho?” John said.
“WHAT IS THIS!” Screamed a deep voice, and a fire erupted from a fire pit.
“Ah!” John screamed.
“John, I’m here!” Psycho said. From the cavern’s passage, came five Cloaked figures.
“I have no idea what is going on. Do you?” John asked.
“SILENCE!” said the middle Cloaked Figure. The five Cloaked Figure’s circled around John & Psycho. “Game Corner’s are now being called Casino’s. Pokemon Trainers are drinking, driving, having sex. There’s even a report of someone killing the President of Kanto’s daughter. This isn’t what is supposed to be happening in the World of Pokemon!” He preached. John simply stared in fear, ignoring the fact it was he who did the latter. “And now, we have “Human-Type” Pokemon?” The Cloaked Figure said.
“Blasphemy!” “Blasphemy!” stated a couple of the other Cloaked Figures.
“Please, just let me go.” Psycho said, with tears in his eyes.
“You want to go? Is that what you want?” the Middle Cloaked Figure said. “YOU WANT TO GO!” he shouted.
“AAAAHH Hahaha...” Psycho screamed and shrieked.
“What do you want with us?” John said.
“”Psycho...” the last thing we ever will do with you is release you.” The Middle Cloaked Figure said. “Can you possibly imagine yourself in this world? A Pokemon that can transform into absolutely anything. Something catastrophic could happen to this peaceful Pokemon World if you got in the wrong hands.”
Psycho looked with tears.
“Sadly. It just wouldn’t be “right” for us to just kill you.” The Cloaked Figure said.
“But what would we do with them boss?” One other Cloaked Figure said.
“The Grand Pokemon God will just have to judge herself.” The Cloaked Figure said.

“Yay.... Ooo!”

“Huh?” Psycho said.


“Yahoe!” said the small creature, flapping in through the passage, it was none other than Yahoe!
“Yahoe! You’re here!” Psycho said, with excitement.
“WHAT?” The Cloaked Figure said. “What are you doing here, young Yahoe?”
“Yahoe, are you here to save us?” Psycho asked.
“Yahoe!” Yahoe said, nodding.
“Wow, now Yahoe has saved me twice!” John said.
But then all of a sudden, Yahoe started to glow white....
“Huh? What? It cannot be!” Psycho said, as the figure that was Yahoe started to grow taller, as it seemed to actually be evolving. The figure completed its evolution, as a tall, slender green bird.

The only Triple-Type Pokemon ever. It resembles the Official Pokemon Xatu, but retains all features Yahoe had. Twisted feet, a mouth as well as a beak, arms in its wings, big red eyes, and messy hair.

“Oooh, oh. Ooooh, Oh.” The Cloaked Figures chanted, as they bowed down to Yohyah like it was a God. “The Grand Pokemon God prophesied this would happen!” said the main Cloaked Figure.
“What... has happened?” Psycho said, dumbstruck to see one of his best friends now in an evolved form.
“Indeed.” Yohyah said, apparently being able to talk. “There is much to discuss. I know much!” Yohyah said. “First, free the prisoners.” Yohyah commanded to the Cloaked Figures.
“Yes, my lord!” the Main Cloaked Figure said, as he freed Psycho and John.
“There is much to discuss. I know much.” Yohyah said, repeating his words.
“Yes Yohyah. Tell us.” Psycho said.
“What has happened to the Pokemon World?” John asked......

To Be Continued...

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