Sunday, January 13, 2013

Chapter 99: The War for Lubbers Part 2

It was about 11:15PM on the Full Moon night on Lubbers Island. Jake was happily and drunkendly prancing around with the moonlight on the beach by the Full Moon Party. “Man, I swear, this is quite a party. Hahahaha!” he said. His eyes were a little bleak. He certainly was into the party. “I’d let my Pokemon out, but I’m sure I’d lose them. Jake said, as he started to walk into a dark woods passage by himself. Before Jake disappeared altogether, he turned his head around to make sure no one was following him, but something else caught his eye. From over by the docks were coming swarms of Team Rocket members, all of each having a giant Red R on their uniform, confirming their affiliation. “Oh shit! Team Rocket is here?” Jake said, as he ducked into the woods. The Team Rocket members all passed, followed by Giovanni, Alex and the Assassin. “So THAT’S why they were in the Southern Islands. I wonder what’s so important here on Lubbers Island?” Jake said to himself. “I probably should follow them.” he said, but just then, the song “Call Me Maybe” started playing from the party. “Oh my goodness...” Jake said, shaking his head, not knowing what was more important...

“So why is Team Rocket about to attack Lubbers Island?” John asked, to the Mirth.
“Team Rocket is here to apprehend their rightfully owned clone, Mewfour. Their reports indicated an Orange glow was located right here on Lubbers Island just a few weeks ago.” Bodge said. “The actuality of it though, is that Mewfour was captured by a worthy trainer just a few days ago. The trainer just stumbled upon the island, and his partner knew where Mewthree was. It was just fate.”
“But now, we must suffer the consequences of the unmade son of the Grand Pokemon God being here.” A said. “Team Rocket is a vicious organization.”
“Don’t worry, we’ve personally attacked Team Rocket before, they are nothing we can’t handle.” Psycho said with confidence.
John, Psycho, the Six members of the Mirth, and Jamie and his Bulbasaur were trotting through the dark woods of Lubbers Island, hearing the coming rustles of the Team Rocket members.
“DON! DORN. CHRO CHAR!” shouted the mighty roars of several Rhyhorn and Rhydon Team Rocket were using the clear pathways.
“Don’t worry, there can’t be no more than 50 Team Rocket Members. We can handle them.” Bodge said.
“Alright, Psycho and I are going in to try and slow them down!” John said. “Charmeleon, lets go!”
“Charmeleon!” said Charmeleon, rearing to go.
“Transform into a Jetpack, now!” John commanded.
“Meleon!” Charmeleon said, getting into position, and transforming into a Jetpack. John then put on the Char-Jetpack and started to flutter off, with Psycho following with his own wings.

“Okay, lets go into the trees, I think we are right below them.” John said. Him and Psycho went up into the trees, and looked down into the path below them. “Hey look, they are just about below us!” Psycho said, spotting the many Team Rocket members.
“Okay Psycho, I’m going to need you to carry me. I’m gonna use Geodude.” John commanded.
“Okie Dokie.” Psycho said, transforming his arms to be much, much bigger and muscular. John gripped himself onto Psycho’s arms and held out his Geodude. “Let’s go!” John said, as he and Psycho flew over the Team Rocket members.
“Hey, what is this?” The Rockets said, concerned to see what appeared to be two Humans, and one carrying a Geodude flying over them.
“Geodude, use Throw Bombs!” John commanded to Geodude.
“‘Dude!” Geodude said, and it started tossing small blue cherry bombs to the Rockets.


“What was that?” shouted one of the Rocket Grunts.
“Hahahaha!” laughed Psycho, who was hovering over the grunts and had transformed into a scary sheet ghost with demonic eyes.
“AGH!” screamed the cowardly Grunts. “There are ghosts on Lubbers Island!”
“Idiots, use your Pokemon!” commanded one of the higher ups.
“Right, go Raticate!”
“Go Golbat!” the Rockets said, throwing their Poke Balls.
“RATICTATE!” said the several Raticate.
“Cree!” said the Golbat.
“Haha, transform!” Psycho said, as he melded into a ball and transformed himself into a silvery-blue figure. Like a human version of the demon Space Sorcerer Lokar.

Psycho’s body was covered in a matching silvery-blue poncho. His arms and feet were entirely hidden.
“Haaaaaa!” Psycho screamed.
“AAAGH!” The Rockets said. “What the fuck is this? It’s the scariest thing I’ve ever seen! It can’t be a Pokemon, can it?”
“Fools, enough wasting time, you can’t beat me. I’m a Human-Type Pokemon!” Psycho said.
“What? Oh no! Thats not good!” said some of the Rockets. “Dangit, I thought I heard rumors all the Human-Type Pokemon got wiped out.”
“What?” Psycho said, upon hearing bad news...
“Dangit! We can’t just abort this mission. Raticate, use Super Fang, cut its HP in half!” the Rocket commanded.
“Raticate!” Raticate said, lunging to Psycho.
“AAAGH!” Psycho screamed, reverting to his normal self, and falling onto the ground.
“Psycho!” John said, fluttering down onto the ground, and then the Jetpack transformed into Charmeleon.
“Charmeleon!” said Charmeleon.
“Don’t worry Psycho, Charmeleon and I will take care of them.” John said with a confident smile.
“Uh, okay Guys, it seems its a normal Pokemon Battle after all.” The Rockets said.
“Charmeleon, use Super Fire Blast!” John commanded.
“What? No such move!” said the Rockets.
“Charmeleon!” Charmeleon said, blasting what looked indeed like a Super Fire Blast. The fires fully engulfed the Rockets and their Pokemon, but not the protected trees of Lubbers Island.
“Agh! Everyone, jump into the water!” The Rocket higher up said, and all the Rocket Grunts jumped off the cliffs into the sea, fortunately, they survived and swam to a nearby beach.
“Alright, we won!” John said, in victory.
“Ughn, we did huh?” Psycho said, getting himself back up.
“You alright?” John asked.
“Yeah.” Psycho answered. “I know, I know, I get carried away. The Mirth was right, these things do not belong in the Pokemon World.”
“Its not only you. You were simply created, born, the way you are.” John said to Psycho. “Remember, there’s a much bigger problem, an Evil Power walks among us Pokemon Trainers.”
“Yes. This isn’t the time to feel sorry for myself.” Psycho said, picking himself up. “I believe the Grand Pokemon God has something in store for me. I look forward to seeing what it is.”
“That’s the spirit!” John said.
The trees rustled, as if speaking to John & Psycho.
“Come now, there are more Rockets to defeat!” John said.
“Right!” Psycho said, and the two ran down the moonlit path.

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