Thursday, January 17, 2013

Chapter 100: The Grand Rocket Finale Part 1

Jake was at the bar door at the Bar at the Full Moon Party. “Hey Kay, I’ll take two shots of Pama.” Jake said, asking a bartender for a couple shots. Two shots of Pama slid down. Jake brought the shots to a short, saucy brunette he picked up. “Cheers, to YOLO’ing!” Jake said, toasting to the young girl. The two took the shots, and looked into each others eyes. “You are such a lovely woman.” he said to her.
She responded.
He kissed, she kissed back.
“Hey baby, I gotta tell you something, I actually have something really important I need to check back on.” Jake started. “I’ll try to make it back real quick, but if I don’t and the party ends, my number is 91. I’ll be around.” Jake finished.
“Alright.” she said. “See you Jake.” she said, bummed to see Jake walk off.
“Ugh... I have no luck at all.” Jake said, shrugging it off and running down the steps and to the dock.
Down at the dock, there were three white colored ferries with blue trimmings. “Alright guys, whats going on?” Jake asked, to the drivers of the Ferry Boats.

Prepare for trouble
And make it double

Two adults in matching light blue uniforms and a Blue A on it appeared onto the docks, accompanied by a Meowth.

To Protect the World from devastation.
To Unite all peoples within our nation.
To Denounce the evils of truth & love.
To extend our reach to the stars above.


Team Rocket, blasts off at the speed of light!
Surrender now, or prepare to fight!

“Meowth! That’s right!” said Meowth.
“Aaaah! It felt good to do that again!” Jessie said in a giddy tone.
“Whatever, stop wasting my time.” Jake said. “What business do you have on Lubbers Island?”
“Can’t say. Technically we don’t even work for Team Rocket at all. They’re just clients.” James answered.
“And we’re not privy to release our clients business!” Meowth said.
“Well too bad I know a good old Pokemon Battle will make anyone answer questions.” Jake said, grabbing a Poke Ball.
“Oh come on! Oh well, this will be a snap.” James said, getting his own Poke Ball. “Go Victreebel!” he said, throwing it.
“AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!” Shrieked James’s Victreebel, making its grand debut.
“Go Beedrill!” Jake said.
“BZZZZ!” Beedrill said.
“Victreebel, Vine Whip!” James commanded.
“AAHH!” Victreebel said, as it shot its vines into the air to wrap up Beedrill, slamming it onto the ground.
“Crap, Beedrill, get back up and use Slash!” Jake commanded.
“BZZ!” Beedrill said, flying back from the ground and Slashing at Victreebel.
“AAAAAAAHHHHHH!” Victreebel shrieked in pain.
“Let it slide off, use Sleep Powder!” James commanded.
“Victree!” Victreebel said, launching speckles of Blue Powder to Beedrill.
“Bzzzz....” Beedrill said, drifting and falling to sleep onto the ground.
“Oh no! Beedrill!” Jake said.
“Haha! Now use Razor Leaf.” James commanded.
“AAAHH!” Victreebel said, shooting its leaves, slashing away at Beedrill, still fast asleep.
“Come on Beedrill, wake up!” Jake shouted to his Pokemon.
Beedrill did not wake up.
“Now time for Solar Beam!” James commanded. Victreebel sat there absorbing energy.
“Beedrill, wake up! Come on!” Jake commanded.
Beedrill did not wake up.
“Fire!” James commanded.
“AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!” Victreebel shrieked, as it shot its Green Beam to Beedrill,
“BZZZZ!” Beedrill said, being woken up by the powerful blast.
“Beedrill! No! Try Rage!” Jake commanded.
“BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!” Beedrill said, raging its body up, eventually it started to glow reddish colors.
“Alright! Now use Slash!” Jake commanded.
“BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!!!” Beedrill said, launching at Victreebel, giving it a mighty Slash, sending it flying into the sea between Lubbers Island, Star Island and Loote Island.
“Oh no! Victreebel!” James screamed, as his Pokemon flew into the sea.
“This isn’t good!” Meowth said.
“This isn’t right!!” Jessie said. “We just cannot allow anyone to discover Team Rocket’s Secrets.”
“Jake, you may be our friend, but you’re getting in the way of our business.” Meowth said.
“We’re going to tell Giovanni you beat us up!” Jessie said, running into the woods of Lubbers Island.
“Hold up Jessie!” James said, running and following, with Meowth following as well.
“Hey, don’t run up those paths so fast! People may be up that way!” Jake said, walking into the path slowly...

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